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Sari Palmgren was part of the British Council Challenge Europe project Finland 2010-2011.       

Project brought together ambitious young people from 18 European countries who wanted to make a lasting impact on climate change. It enabled these ”Climate Advocates” to improve their knowledge of climate change issues and provided them with a platform to develop innovative and practical projects to reduce carbon use.

In each of the participating countries British council  selected 15 ‘Climate Advocates’, from all walks of life, who want to commit their time to working together to tackle climate change. Over the period of one year each country team worked collaboratively to identify the key areas where they thought they can make a real difference. They then developed three concrete ideas to reduce carbon use through changes in policy, business or human behaviour. Through international networking events the Advocates also got numerous opportunities to share their ideas with each other, improve them, and get inspiration from other countries.

The groups then took their ideas to potential stakeholders, reaching out to decision-makers and relevant organisations, campaigning for support to turn their ideas into reality.

The philosophy of the project was simple: to create momentum through collaboration, innovation, energy, drive, passion, understanding and knowledge-sharing!



Energy Factory project - Challenge Europe from British Council Finland on Vimeo.

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